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Action Figures

Dr Who Action Figures

Doctor Who Action figures are currently 3 1/2 inch figures made by Character Options (Underground Toys in the USA). This range is less popular than the 5 inch figures and as a result Character Options are not releasing them as frequently as before.

Underground Toys have the License for 5 inch figures in the USA, and tend not to release them in the UK. We try to import these figures when available and when permitted.

Dr Who Merchandise


There is a diverse range of Dr Who merchandise and we have a good sample of it all here. Rather than try and categorise this range we have simply listed it all. This lets you browse through it to get ideas. So from Mugs to Umbrellas and Shower Curtains, it is all there.



This is some of the Doctor Who merchandise due to be released. Unfortunately we cannot show it all as we are not allowed to show new items due to be aired in the next season of Doctor Who. Also release dates cannot be guaranteed. Manufacturers provide provisional release date, but these can change.